Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Utah April 2011 - Day 1

I could go on and on with pages and pages of text for this trip, but I will spare all of you that in favor of a nice clean photo essay. If you do want further info about any of the pictures, let me know.

the truck on top of Slickrock Hill

the La Sal mountains from Slickrock Hill

western Colorado

the Abajo Mountains, with Monticello just visible below it

prosperous and bustling Blanding, UT

looking through Comb Ridge

the Bear's Ears, a well known southern Utah landmark

the Frylette, a small slot we tried to get into last year but it was full of water

White Canyon, one of the premiere slot canyons of Utah

our camp at the unofficial Sandthrax Campground

Jess on the sandstone

looking up at Sandthrax Canyon

its tight


my fat ass trying to get in


navajo sandstone is very photogenic

kaya on the rocks

coming soon, day 2. Leprechaun and Hog Springs

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


This really needs no explanation. Be ready for it to drop in fall of 2010.

The Experience Teaser from Whorefish Productions on Vimeo.

Big Changes are coming...

So after a long hiatus of ridiculous proportions, the bro-chachos were gettin' on me to update my blog more than once every five or six months, so it's time to do some work. In the coming days the whole site will be updated, with a brand new look and lots of new features. So stay tuned and we'll get you some updates a comin'!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Monday, September 21, 2009

LAMS done, Kanufilm coming soon.....

Just a brief update to say that Look At My Sandals is now completed, and on it's tour. After making the rounds for a couple of weeks I will render it and web-i-size it, so all of you in interweb nation can view it. I will also then begin making copies on DVD for anyone that wants one. If you do want one, contact me on Facebook, or via email, and we will work out arrangements.

Kanufilm is coming along nicely, and hopefully with the addition of some last minute footage this upcoming weekend, it should be ready in a couple of weeks. I didn't anticipate making such a lengthy boating film in the planning stages, but I have lately realized that I have much more footage than I thought! So, this could turn out to be a good thing. Keep checking back and soon I will have more info.

Friday, August 21, 2009


Not having internet in this day and age is a lot like living under a rock. You kinda know that the sun rises and sets every day and that somewhere, something is probably happening, but you're not going to hear about it and unless you are right there, you're pretty much in the dark. Welcome to my life these days!

I have however, been HARD at work on my film, and I expect it to premiere very soon, like within the next month. It will of course make the tour for a few weeks as I let everyone see it and critique it, but sooner or later I will add it to the site for all to see. Stay tuned because it promises to be a good time!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Moving Sucks

So I've been moving lately as well as dealing with a vacation and some shitty weather, and really I've just not been getting the job done. However, I do have lots and lots of content that is finished and waiting posting, so I will hopefully get to that soon. I'll have updates from the following soon:
+ Paddlefest
+ More Gunny Boating
+ Alex Sponsor Video
+ Taylor Action

I'll get it up soon, I promise, stay tuned.....

Thursday, May 7, 2009

MEGA Update!

+ General Updates
+ Plateau Creek
+ Gunny Boating
+ Quartz Creek Scout
+ Upcoming Plans

- General Updates -

While it may seem like little is going on due to the lack of posts in the past couple of weeks, the truth has been quite the opposite. The water has started to rise and spring is here in full force, and times are a changin'. Here's a recap of what's been going on.
First I had to go through an exhausting ordeal to get my new video camera. I got my tax refund in early April, did a whole bunch of research regarding camcorders and bought a Panasonic camera from The one feature I was unable to research from a 3rd party perspective was whether or not the camera would be compatible with my system and programs. Unfortunately the only way to tell this was to use the camera and then try to interface it. Long story short, it didn't work, and I had to go through the run around from Panasonic only to discover that my new camera was indeed incompatibile. After getting into a heated discussion with the woman on BestBuy's phone line, I learned I couldn't return my camera to a BestBuy without a major restock fee, and my only hope lie in the store manager. Well, after all that, the return and purchase of a new one took about 10 minutes, no penalties. Easily the best Best Buy experience I've ever had.
That was Wednesday. I was planning on returning to Junction over the weekend, but learned on Friday that I had to be out of my house by Sunday, and with no place to go I ended up stuffing my life into a storage unit while shacking up on my parents extra bed for a week. Sounds bad, but there is lots of free food, and the end result has been way more boating opportunities for me this week, which what I've been doing lately. I move into my new place in a matter of days, so hopefully some balance will return to the chaos that is life around here right now.

- Plateau Creek -

My dad just happened to be going to a service school in Grand Junction on April 29th, a mere day after the events described above, and I used this opportunity to go and get on Plateau Creek, a fun little creek that drains the north slope of Grand Mesa. It was a dirty little stream, with a lot of sleepers and a fairly continuous gradient, and the last half mile or so was near continuous rapids, all roadside. After picking up my cousin Luke, we headed east and found the put in. The run is a blast, I scraped numerous rocks and bounced off the same number as well, and it was fun as hell. The crux involved squirting between two large pourovers, and then shooting off a small boof immediately below. One shitty rapid right above the takeout drop could have used a little bit more water but I was surprised how the clean the rest of the run was at 419 cfs. I took two laps with my pops running shuttle, who was also kind enough to shoot this video for me while I used the headcam. The first lap took 8 and half minutes and the second one was just over that. I hear they run this thing up to 1000 cfs or more, that sounds like a really fun time!

I put together a few choice clips for now; as well as some images, but I will post the raw headcam footage down the road a little later on.

01- patterson road
the first pic ever with my camera- patterson road in Junction

02- scary sign
friendly looking sign at the bottom of plateau creek. the dam is actually gone now

03- kit plateau
me on plateau creek

04- kit plateau 2
me on plateau again

05- colorado river
grand river

07- grand valley 1
greenery in the grand valley

08- grand valley 2
more grand valley green

Plateau Creek from Whorefish Productions on Vimeo.

- Gunny Boating -

The past week I have been boating a whole bunch. After boating Friday, and then failing to find people to go boating with all day Sunday, I more than made up for it by going the next three days with different folks. On Monday it was Aaron and Hooper, on Tuesday it was Paul and Dave, and Wednesday it was Jess. I had my camera on the Friday before, and then Monday as well, so I was able to get a few random shots in. The Gunny is really starting to come up big too, so be prepared for high water soon....

Gunny Boating from Whorefish Productions on Vimeo.

- Quartz Creek Scout -

Quartz Creek flows from the mountains south of Taylor Park, through Pitkin, and into a flat bottomed valley that eventually joins with the Tomichi Creek Valley and ultimately the Gunnison Valley. The creek is small, manky, and classic Rocky Mountain. While I am sure someone has boated this creek before, it hasn't been talked about and there is no information regarding it at all. So I've had to go and scout a lot of it, and based on what I've looked at, it looks like it good be a fun adventure.
The upper section would entail putting in at the road to the Middle Fork of Quartz Creek, and boating down to a pull off just above the town of Pitkin. This would be mostly class III, likely with a spice of III+ or IV- thrown in, and always shallow. There are also several log jams in this section, a couple of which could likely be cut beforehand to ensure safe passage. I'll be checking back in later this year after trying to get down it.

16- quartz creek 7

13- quartz creek 4

14- quartz creek 5

15- quartz creek 6

12- quartz creek 3

The only run through Pitkin itself would be to put in at Fourth Street, and boat down to the last eddy that has the road on river left, right above a fun looking irrigation drop. This would be more channelized but still manky and continuous.

11- quartz creek 2

10- quartz creek 1

A few miles below the fish hatchery, the canyon noticeably tightens up and the creek becomes fairly channelized. While narrow and confining, the creek is most certainly boatable, and near continuous low flow class III would be the standard through here. The only danger here would be log jams, as the creek has relatively no eddies and it would be a nightmare to stop in time in front of one. The put in is vague on this one, simply look for the best pull out, but the takeout is noticeable as it is the first private property that you will see after multiple miles of public land. In addition to this we will be scouting the upper forks on Quartz Creek in a (likely vain) attempt to find anything fun as well.

- Upcoming Plans -

In the immediate future is a trip to Lake City on Sunday to do the run from town down to the Pre-Box put in, and potentially something on Saturday as well, although that is undecided right now. In a week or two hopefully Saguache Creek will come into a runnable window and we can finally get down there and have a look. After that the only thing on the horizon is multiple Taylor laps, potentially Quartz Creek, and just waiting for Anthracite Creek to come into a runnable level. Stay tuned and I'll keep posting the shit as it happens!